| About Li Tang Gallery |

Li Tang Gallery is a New York-based online art space presenting compelling contemporary art exhibitions with an emphasis on promoting the work of emerging artists from around the world. Bringing together a diverse range of mediums, Li Tang Gallery produces solo shows, group exhibitions, online artist residencies, and innovative art projects entirely online that challenge the way viewers perceive the world today. As viewers are transported into the virtual gallery space, they witness the limitless boundaries of digital curation.

| Our Vision |

Launched in New York City, Li Tang Gallery is a platform that provides an accessible opportunity for artists to show their work and grow their careers. As a dedicated team of professional artists, designers, and curators, Li Tang Gallery works together to do more than highlight the phenomenal work but the stories of these creatives. As these artists transition into cultural leaders, the journeys, histories, and inspirations that form their practices are illuminated. Li Tang Gallery is committed to sharing unique artistic perspectives that tackle the pressing and relevant issues that impact society at large.

| Our Mission |

Li Tang Gallery is excited to expand the global reach of artists and bring their work directly into the lives of viewers worldwide. Through our virtual exhibitions and art projects, Li Tang Gallery offers opportunities for emerging artists to elevate their careers by showcasing their groundbreaking practices and engaging with other artists and art professionals worldwide. 

We offer artists:

  • The opportunity to exhibit their work on a platform that reaches art enthusiasts around the globe.
  • The technical assistance to put together a one-of-a-kind display of their work.
  • The ability to take their artistic practice to new heights as we introduce them to new audiences internationally.
  • Press and media coverage of their exhibitions in the United States and China, increasing their exposure and notoriety in the arts community.

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