Portrait International Juried Exhibition Gallery


by Natalia Sonia, Oil on Canvas, 18x24in, 2020

Animal Nature

by Geoffrey Laurence, Oil on Canvas, 28x18in, 2021

Alen MacWeeney Eating Grapefruit 

by Pesya Altman, Oil on Canvas, 23x18in, 2020


by Ena Gilih, Oil on Canvas, 30x40cm, First Edition, 2021, NFS

The Lottery Vol. 16 (4190) or The Last Picture Show

by Negar Jahanbakhsh, Acrylic on Canvas, 100x150cm, 2022

More Fool Me

by Emily Mc Gardle, Coloured Pencil and Pencil on Paper, 50x70cm, 2021

Eating 1

by Jocelyn Keyi Wu, Video, 2022

Portrait of Gabriela

by Thomas Legaspi, Color Pens on Paper, 8x10in (12x14in with Frame), 2022


by Boluwatife Biobaku, Charcoal and Graphite Pencils on Paper, 71x90cm, First Edition, 2022

The Lottery Vol. 22 (7763) or Two or Three Things I Know About Them

by Negar Jahanbakhsh, Acrylic on Canvas, 100x150cm, 2022

Immaculate Light

by Iffat Almas, Photography, 1086×724 pixel, 2016

Track III, SellOut

by Ariadne Urania, Oil on Linen, 36x48in, 2021, NFS

Shelton Johnson Calls

by Amuri Morris, Oil Paint, 24x18in, Edition 1/1, 2022

Duct Taped Johnny

by Lance Delao, Duct Tape on Acetate, 2021

This Beautiful Sound

by Kiley Ames, Oil on Linen, 40x40in, 2017, NFS

We Cry Together

by Sinenkosi Msomi, Photograph Painted on Archival Paper, 42×59.4cm, Edition 1/10, Credit: Sinenkosi Msomi, Aphelele Ndlangamandla and Simphiwe Magagula, 2022


by Judith Gresh, Ink on Paper, 49x26in, 2018

Made by Myself (Self Portrait)

by Andrea Sbra Perego, Photography, Digital Collages, Fine Art Print, 39.3×26.7in, Limited Edition (5 Copies & Artist Proof), 2016

See Sun

by Yuchae Lee, Video, Credit: Dir. Yuchae Lee, 2022, NFS

Finnish Male

by Shicheng Zhao, Oil on Panel, 11x9in, 2022, NFS

Smartphone Light 30

by Ivan Milenkovic, Oil on Canvas, 150x170cm (59×66 in), 2022

Friends in India

by Seona Sommer, Oil on Canvas, 70x100cm (27.6×39.4in), 2022

The Lottery Vol. 57 (72452) or Don’t Look Back Vol. 6

by Negar Jahanbakhsh, Acrylic on Canvas, 100x150cm, 2022

Track IV, Lay Me Down

by Ariadne Urania, Oil on Linen, 30x40in, 2021, NFS

Daisy Chain 07

by Ben DeHaan, Archival Pigment Print, 36x32in, Edition 1/3, 2020

Sometime Before Six

by Lu HB Tran, Video, Credit: Lu Hernandez Tran, 2020, NFS

We Hunt the Doe

by Jamie L. Luoto, Oil on Linen, 42x49in, 2020, NFS

Somnus (God of Sleep)

by Geoffrey Laurence, Oil on Canvas, 60x42in, 2020

Basement Buds

by Eleanor Q. C. Olson, Oil on Canvas with a Gouache Insert, 36x48in, Edition 1/1, 2021


by Olivier Larivière, Oil on Paper Mounted on Canvas, 66.5x100cm (26.2×39.4in), 2012

Selected Artists

Jamie L. Luoto

Geoffrey Laurence

Shicheng Zhao

Natalia Sonia

Ivan Milenkovic

Lu HB Tran

Sinenkosi Msomi

Emily Mc Gardle

Judith Gresh

Ena Gilih

Jocelyn Keyi Wu

Boluwatife Biobaku

Amuri Morris

Ariadne Urania

Seona Sommer

Pesya Altman

Olivier Larivière

Negar Jahanbakhsh

Kiley Ames

Thomas Legaspi

Eleanor Olson

Lance Delao

Ben DeHaan

Andrea Sbra Perego

Iffat Almas

Yuchae Lee

*Text & image & video courtesy of the artists.

* The Exhibition is held and organized for the purpose of promoting selected artists’ artworks and projects. Any sales inquiries will be redirected to the artists.

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