Abstract, Distortion & Fragmentation International Juried Exhibition Gallery

The Voyage

by Alexandra Chiou, Ink and cut paper, 34×25 in, 2020

Untitled (1990-2005)

by Bonam Kim, Wall clock, dollhouse miniatures, wood, 26.5×13.75×5.5 in, 2022

Plate Series #3

by Kevin Costello, Copper, 12x12x3 in, 1989, NFS

New Age

by Alexey Adonin, Oil on canvas, 35.4×35.4 in, Edition OOAK, 2018

Tidal (from Deseret Haretatik project)

by Ainhoa Akutain, Sculpture, 66x70x190 cm, 2016-2017, NFS


by Ami Park, Felted wool, yarn, cotton rope, fabric and acrylic, 34×30 in, 2023

Upside-Down I

by Jean-Michel Rolland, Video art, 01:59, 2022, NFS

The Eternal Ephemeral

by Andrew Chalfen, Mixed Media (acrylic, ink transfer, wood, glue) on wood panel, 24x24x2 in, 2021

Spell Practice IV

by Yukiko Nakashima, Oil on canvas, 56×72 in, 2022

An Architecture (For Minimal Intervention)

by Kate Rusek, Porcelain, paper porcelain, (the vestige of medication instruction booklets), 18x14x9 in, Edition OOAK, 2022

Equanimity #5

by Jaynie Crimmins, Shredded New Yorker magazine images, security envelopes over up-cycled armature, 12x12x1.5 in, 2021

If This Is A Game, I Never Learned the Rules (Choice, Chance, Change)

by Kate Rusek, Cast and handbuilt porcelain, 10x10x7 in, Edition OOAK, 2022


by Zoha Zafar Malik, Acrylic on canvas, 36×36 in, 2023


by Weihui Lu, Acrylic on canvas, 80×102 in, 2019

Clavicle divot (My Kestrel Heart)

by Kate Rusek, Cast and handbuilt porcelain, 15x11x10 in, 2022


by Ami Park, Cotton rope, yarn, and fabric on cotton canvas, 48×36 in, 2021, NFS

All I wrapped in Cellophane

by Traci Johnson, Yarn, cloth, 48×48 in, 2023


by Naomi Even-Aberle, Performance, Photography, 18×24 in, 2017

Bacon Factory

by Yangyang Mao, Mix media, 120x60x200 cm, 2019, NFS

Neighborhood at Night

by Gabriel Palma, Oil, 24×24 in, 2022

UpRise (站起来)

by Yang Mai, Polo shirts, Crowd control barriers, foam, metal, 79x73x59 in (Approx.), Edition 20/19, 2022

Fish Sellers

by John Kayode, Mix media on canvas, 24×36 in, 2022

Tempus Fugit

by Kevin Costello, Wood, copper, sand, leather, 28x28x7 in, 2022

Hope of Relevance

by Agina Chinedu, Acrylic on canvas, 34×34 in, 2023

Untitled (Classroom)

by Bonam Kim, Dollhouse miniatures, wood, paint, paper, 36x24x23 in, 2022

Lighter Fuel II

by Madeline Brice, Oil and acrylic on aluminum, 24x24x1.5 in, 2022

Living in Repose

by Kevin Costello, Brass, copper, earth, 40x40x43 in, 2022

Cosmologie Bleue

by Annie Clavel, Watercolor on YUPO paper, 24×30 in, 2019

Dérive: Abundance

by H.C. Tiffany Lo, Acrylic on canvas, 20×16 in, 2019, photo courtesy of Tara Holmes, NFS

Casket Ambient

by Kevin Costello, Concrete, steel, ink, 12x4x43 in, 2023

Shore of Fancies

by Alexey Adonin, Oil on canvas, 35.4×35.4 in, Edition OOAK, 2017, NFS

Looks Like It Sounds Good

by Andrew Chalfen, Mixed Media (acrylic, wood, colored pencil, ink, wire) on paper affixed to wood panel, 11x14x2.5 in, 2022

Breathing Words

by Jongwook Park, Ceramics (stoneware, underglazes), 13x11x4.5 in, photo courtesy of Jongwook Park, 2023, NFS

Moskvich (from Lucu_Lucu project)

by Ainhoa Akutain, Mixed media, Photography 125×82 cm, Glazed ceramic 28x19x5.5 cm ea., Glazed ceramic 1 Photography 10, 2019

Selected Artists

Jaynie Crimmins

Kate Rusek

Naomi Even-Aberle

Alexandra Chiou

Kevin Costello

Bonam Kim

Agina Chinedu

Tiffany Lo

Alexey Adonin

Jongwook Park

Ainhoa Akutain

Yangyang Mao

Zoha Malik

Yang Mai

Madeline Brice

Gabriel Palma

Weihui Lu

Annie Clavel

Andrew Chalfen

Ami Park

John Kayode

Jean-Michel Rolland

Yukiko Nakashima

Traci Johnson

Honorable Mention

Jessica Swank

Yiyi Wang

Kaitlin Santoro

*Text & image & video courtesy of the artists.

* The Exhibition is held and organized for the purpose of promoting selected artists’ artworks and projects. Any sales inquiries will be redirected to the artists.

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