Materiality Unleashed International Juried Exhibition Gallery

Unseen Echos #03

by Junghoon Oh, Photography, 40×60 cm, Ed.10 – 2AP, Photo credit: ©Junghoon Oh, 2023

The Heat Death of the Universe, variant two

by Andrew Orloski, Cast bronze, stone, 11x10x12.5 in (28x25x32 cm) 2022


by Yung-wu Bae, Acrylic, pastel and wax on canvas, 24×36 in, 2023

Unseen Echos #01

by Junghoon Oh, Photography, 40×60 cm, Ed.10 – 2AP, Photo credit: ©Junghoon Oh, 2023

ln(ex)teriors: Suburban Microscapes: 43°31’09.7″N 116°03’03.8″W

by Robert Matejcek, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Frame-Animation/Still(s) of Hand-Painted Found Objects & Original 1:12 Diorama/Miniatures, Dimensions variable, 2018, NFS

Heavens of Simulation

by Tianxing Xu, Acrylic and marker on linen, 72×50 in each, 2023, NFS

A House

by Amy Yoshitsu, Paper, ink, thread, 11x14x7 in, 2022

Sunset’s Burning Late

by Jenny Rafalson, Single-channel video, color, sound, 5 minutes, 9 seconds, Edition of 3 + 1 AP, 2020

Memory of a Space and a Time 5

by Laura Romero, Phototransfer and cyanotype on cement brick, 11×5.5×4 in, 2022

Transfusion Loop

by Soeun Bae, Consumable liquid, silicone, silicone tube, steel, concrete, motorized pump system, 4x8x8 ft, 2023

Porcelain Handcuffs with Pomegranate Patterns

by Cheuk Yan Cherry Tung, Porcelain on the artist-made frame, 10×13 in, 2022

Private Language

by Minyu Chen, New media, Dimensions variable, 2022, NFS

Finding the Balance-1

by Danyang Song, Glazed stoneware, underglaze, 27x15x60 cm, 2023, NFS


by Eskild Beck, Mixed media, 43x33x38 cm, 2020, NFS


by Atsumi Takemoto, Photograph (35mm film collage) fine art print, 14×17 in, 5 copies & artist proof, 2023

False Prophet

by Andrew Orloski, Cast iron, 6.5×12.75×1.25 in (16.5×32.4×3.2 cm) Edition of 2 + 1 AP, 2023

The Dusk

by Justin Archer, Basswood, acrylic paint, 27x18x12 in, 2023

Seconde Peau XIV

by Agathe Bouton, Monoprints, fabric, thread and gold leaf, 16×12 in framed with natural wood, photo credit: Peggy Baud Woosley, 2019


by Abel Tesfaye, Printmaking on canvas, 40×30 cm, 2023

Whispers from the Bough

by Andrew Orloski, Cast bronze, glass, 23x28x54 in (58x71x137 cm) 2023

The Hanged Man, Rituals Series

by Savka, Digital collage, 3d graphic, 6584×4000 px, Edition 1/10, 2023

Four-way CPR for a Hybrid Limb

by Soeun Bae, Silicone, liquid, syringe, motors, silicone tube, metal, 14x14x48 in, 2023

Looking for a Person (photo 4)

by Nick Gladkiy, Photography, 20×13 in, Edition 1/10, 2021

Blue Gate

by In Kyoung Chun, Neon and Metal, 90x84x26 in, Courtesy of YI GALLERY NY, 2015-2022, NFS


by Ayumi Adachi, Paper, black marker pen, 5x4x3 m, courtesy of @BankArt1929, 2019


by Lee Renninger, Porcelain, fiber, stain, glass beads, 96x91x16 in (platform), collection of the Mississippi Museum of Art, 2011, NFS


by Li Biletska, Mixed media, 2023

Window #1

by cari ann shim sham*, Generative art, Window width x Window height, Edition 1 of 31, 10 mints for 75 tezos available at, 2023


by Tianxing Xu, Acrylic and ink on burlap, 55×41 in, 2023, NFS

Return and Schedule Self-Interest

by Amy Yoshitsu, Linen, thread, canvas, chain, Dimensions variable, Photo credit: Amy Yoshitsu&AmaYah Harrison, 2023

The Shape of this Wound Existed Before Me

by Lizz Hamilton, Freshwater pearls, tanned black bear foot, tanned wolf feet, tanned coyote feet, tanned Canadian lynx feet, Dimensions variable, 2021

Unseen Echos #03

by Junghoon Oh, Photography, 40×60 cm, Ed.10 – 2AP, Photo credit: ©Junghoon Oh, 2023

Selected Artists

Ayumi Adachi

Justin Archer

Soeun Bae

Yung-wu Bae

Eskild Beck

Li Biletska

Agathe Bouton

Minyu Chen

In Kyoung Chun

Nick Gladkiy

Lizz Hamilton

Robert Matejcek

Junghoon Oh

Andrew Orloski

Jenny Rafalson

Lee Renninger

Laura Romero


cari ann shim sham*

Danyang Song

Atsumi Takemoto

Abel Tesfaye

Cheuk Yan Cherry Tung

Tianxing Xu

Amy Yoshitsu

*Text & image & video courtesy of the artists.

* Materiality Unleashed International Juried Exhibition is held and organized for the purpose of promoting artists’ artworks and projects. The Li Tang Gallery team will not be involved in any events of sales for artworks from the exhibition. All sales inquiries will be redirected to the selected artists. However, the Li Tang Gallery team will require permission from the selected artists to the usage of their artwork images for promotional purposes.

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